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Some older scripts do not run anymore on Poser 11.2 due to a change in the version checking. (Some Dimension3D scripts, Reality and others).

SnarlyGribbly made a small script which will change the version format in Poser to be compatible with the old format. It needs to be run once after you start Poser. Instructions how to install and use it are in the zip file.

You can find the script here: AVFix

Poser has a new owner: Bondware. Because of this the license server is changing from Smith Micro to Bondware and you need an update version of Poser to keep working with it.

The update is located here: https://www.posersoftware.com/downloads. This new version of Poser has added LaFemme as new base character in Poser. Additionally there is 8GB+ of new content you can download from Renderosity (clothing, hair for LaFemme and loads of scenery) and Hivewire (Dawn, Dusk, Luna, Gorilla and Horse).

I have made a Q&A page for the installation which answers many of the questions you might have: Bondware Poser Q&A

Poser has been acquired by Bondware (owners of Renderosity) from Smith Micro Systems. Poser has had a difficult time in the past few years after most of the development teams had been laid off.

According to CEO Tim Choate of Bondware the next update of Poser will have an update to the licensing system to make it compatible with Bondwares own. Future updates and version will be driven by users requests.

For the full article see here.