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Renderosity/Bondware has acquired Poser from Smith Micro Systems. Because of this, the license server is changing from Smith Micro to Bondware and a new version of Poser is needed to adapt to the new server (Poser 2014 Game Deveopment – Poser 11 and Poser Pro 11) . Earlier versions will continue to functions without problems.

If you have a permanent license it will continue to function as before, but you can no longer deactivate/activate to move the license to another computer.

Which versions need to be updated?

  • Poser Pro 2014 Game Developer edition, Poser 11, Poser Pro can update for free. Earlier versions will not be affected by the change in licensing server.

What does the update do?

  • Install a new version of Poser Pro which used the Bondware servers to manage the licenses. The Smith Micro Systems server will not longer manage the Poser licenses in the near future.

Do I need to update if I have a permanent license?

  • At some point you need to do it. The permanent license will keep working, but if you need to reinstall or go to a different PC, you need to do the update. Report an issue if you want to change the Bondware license to a permanent license.

Do I need to uninstall before I update?

  • The installer will prompt you to uninstall the Smith Micro Systems version of Poser. If you do this you will lose WardRobeWizard (Bondware has no license to distribute it). Select No to Keep Wardrobe Wizard and just do an update. Now proceed to install the Bondware version.

Has Poser changed functionality?

  • The new Poser will now use the Bondware licensing server.
  • It changes the cloud search to Renderosity Store search, but defaults like previously to local search
  • It will not install most legacy content for a new install, but it will keep existing legacy content previously installed. (*see: Is it Safe to update)
  • It has some bug fixes, mainly related to fix some bugs introduced in the latest service release.
  • It no longer has Wardrobe Wizard.
  • Lots of new content from Renderosity and Hivewire.: LaFemme, Dawn, Dusk, Luna, Gorilla, Horse, Clothing, hair, props and other scenery.

Is it safe to update?

  • Yes, it is safe, but a backup of Program Files/Smith Micro Systems/Poser (Pro) and Users/Public/Documents/Poser 11 Content would be a good idea – just in case….
  • The installers will not touch your other runtiimes.
  • There is some restructuring to the poser internals – some geometry and textures moved location. If you load them in new scenes they will work as usual, but previously saved scenes and library items may have problems accessing them. Most of it is no problem if Search is set to Shallow or Deep (default). To completely prevent this problem unzip ZZLegacyPoser11-installminimum_basic.zip to your Poser 11 Content runtime. This will put those internals back into their original location. Or use your backup to move them back, Do NOT overwrite the program files of Poser, just the content.

Do my scripts work?

  • Python has not been changed, so most scripts should work. There is a potential problem where the poser version is checked against its build number since that has changed to a new numbering.
  • DSON importer, Octane plugin, EZdome, etc will all work fine.

Will GoZ work?

  • Yes, it will work. You may have to relocate Poser initially in ZB, but then it will work fine.