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Dear Tali,
Although we never met in real life…

We talked for years and years in chat on the internet.
Knowing about each other’s lives, our likes, our favourite foods, caring and sharing lols, lmao and also pain and sorrow.
You were our dear online friend and cherished by all chatters.
A smart, sweet and strong woman and always so kind and patient, always willing to listen and offer advice.
We all were so so proud when you got your master degree of the Veterinary University a couple of years ago!

We are devastated by your passing, so sudden, so unexpected.
All our hearts are heavy with grieve.

Dear dear Candy we are known to be the hug chat, we virtual hugged a lot over the years, this time we think of you a lot and send you giant, enormous and extra huge Hugs and all the strength you need to cope with this incredible unfair loss.
We stand by you in chat with love.

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