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Press the Big Chat Button if you like to chat with us about Poser and other subjects. Register to get a personal chat account. Note these request are approved manually. Make sure you add an actual emailadress, it's needed for password recovery. Have fun!
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[dropcap]Welcome[/dropcap] to our chat!

Chat rooms
There are multiple chat rooms. To change the chat room click on ROOMS at the top of the chat window and then click the one you would like to chat in.
The number of users chatting in each room can be found next to the name of the room.

Panels > Settings
You can easily alter the settings of the chat – click on PANELS at the top of the chat window.
Select your preferred language, timezone, time format, sound alerts etc.

Panels > Profile
You are welcome to submit some details about you that are visible in chat: location, age, gender and website if you have one.
You are also welcome to select an avatar image by choosing one from our list or by uploading a photo or another image.
If you upload a photo it must not exceed 200kB and the picture file will be checked for validity. Your email address is not displayed in chat.
In case you are a guest user and you want to save your profile, you have to enter a valid email address.

Panels > My Files
To upload a file or a picture use the button at the top-right corner of the panel MY FILES.
Shortcuts are predefined pieces of text or URLs that can be inserted into your chat messages.
Your files and shortcuts are accessible with the button MY FILES in the bottom-left corner of the chat window.

Private chat, whispering
Our chat allows you to send quick hidden messages to particular chatters, this is so-called whispering. Click on a username from the online list, type the message in the provided box and press ENTER. Additionally you can invite the chatter to start a private conversation with you by clicking on the PRIVATE CHAT link.

Ignoring other users
To ignore messages submitted by a particular chatter, click on his/her name from the online list and then click Ignore. Messages from ignored chatters are still visible in history.

Youtube, Metacafe & Vimeo videos
Our chat is able to play videos which means that you can share, watch and comment your favorite YouTube, Metacafe & Vimeo videos directly in chat!
URLs can be copied from the address bar of your browser. It is necessary to put your video URL between video tags:

Maps & search snippets
Our chat allows you to display locations on a map provided by Google Maps. Simply post an address or a location between map tags: [map]Eiffel Tower, Paris, France[/map]

Permissions in chat
Each chatter is a member of a chat group, and each group has different permissions. It is very likely that you do not have access to all the features, for example, you might be unable to whisper, upload files etc.

Scrolling up and down
Drag-to-scroll or scroll up and down with the arrow keys of your keyboard. Double click in the chat area gives you the option to select, another double click would let you drag-to-scroll again.

How do I change my Password and Emailadress
Go to PANELS at the top, in that window press PROFILE at the bottom row.

How do I show an image
Go to the tiny “folder’ icon at the bottom, (bottom top left) that will show you the quick preview of the files you have uploaded before.
Click on the text MY FILES that will open your actual upload window.
Press the UPLOAD FILE button and then your new file shows at the top of your list, press the tiny arrow icon next to it to upload it.
Every account has a folder with uploaded images or files, these will stay in there for 2 days then they get deleted, that means for 2 days you don’t need to upload that same image again, you can recycle it and post it again as it is saved in your folder.
The maximum amount of images to save in my files is 50, the maximum filesize is 10MB.

Why can I see text when I log in
When you login, you will see the last 10 lines that were typed in chat, so you know what the current topic is and can join in.

If you want to debate politics or other sensitive subjects, please use the debate room. This to prevent other chatters being bothered by the sometimes heated discussions.

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